10 Tricks To Book The Best Hotel Room For Cheaper Price

The most important decision you make when planning a trip is choosing the right hotel. When people are booking a hotel they choose the cheapest ones. A hotel that has a low base rate but doesn’t include any amenities can often end up costing you more than a hotel that includes everything you want.

1. Always check the exact hotel place

One of the main things you must do before booking a hotel, is to see whether it is surrounded by busy road or not, is it noisy, what is the landscape through the window. Nowadays you can easily check this online. Most booking websites include a map view, and you can take a look at Google Street to get a good look at the land that the hotel is surrounded.

2. Read reviews

After reading reviews people always change their mind. There is always something you would never know without the help of people who have already stayed at a hotel. They will describe everything.

3. Save money

If you can’t find cheap hotels in the city, staying outside of the city will always save you money on the cost of hotels. Pay attention if there are shops, parks and attractions you plan to visit nearby.

4. Parking availability

If you have your own car, check the availability of parking at the hotel. Even if the hotel has parking available, it often comes with a price tag. There might be a possibility that the hotel doesn’t have its own parking, then you will need to use private lots. The price is very high there.

5. Facilities

Does your hotel have free WiFi, free breakfast, free cable TV, free laundry, a pool, BBQ areas, a tour booking desk, does reception works 24 hours a day? Make sure there are a fridge, microwave and an electric kettle in your room. A fridge and microwave is great for storing and reheating foods, which saves you money on dining out.

6. Room type

One more thing you need to do when making a reservation, be sure to request the type of room you want. For example, if noise is bothering you , then they will place you away from elevator and in a room not facing the street. Whatever your needs, tell them clearly what room you want to have. Don’t forget to call the hotel a week or a few days before your arrival to confirm they have your reservation.

7. Use credit card

One of the most mistakes which people make is booking their hotel using a debit card or a cash. What you may not realize is that booking with your credit card will help you cut down on costs. Some travel agents also give discounts and cash-back bonuses for people who use their credit cards.

8. Peak seasons

Do you want to save money when booking a hotel? Then you should never book during the peak seasons. The hotel prices go up during this season because many people are also booking. If you want to book your hotel and spend less money. Always book during off-peak seasons.

9. Research

Take your time to do some research. Not only will you be able to find the best deal for you, but you also get the chance to get more details about the hotel you choose. Don’t immediately assume that you have done the right choice.

10. Written confirmation

Always ask for written confirmation for all reservations. Hotels will send you an email confirmation of your reservation or will fax you confirmation if you don’t have email access. Be sure to have a copy of your reservation when checking in.

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