How To Grow Nails Long In Week


Everyone wants to have a healthy and natural nail, but you may not know how to make your nails grow faster. Everyone’s nails grow about 5 mm per month. To make your nails long, you must follow a few simple but tricky steps. It is not possible to speed up the nail growth in a few days, but is it possible to grow them in just a week. The main task is to protect your fingertips from injury. Your fingertips contain a lot of nerves, so they are extremely sensitive.

Structure of the nail


Each day the nails grow about 0.1 mm. 3 to 5 mm per month. The fingernail grows faster than the toenail. Nails are made of protein called keratin and horn. The nail grows directly from the epidermis. It grows out of a special cell group called a blood vessel matrix which is locates under the lunar lumen.The nail grows to the tip of the finger. There is a layer of skin around the nail, making the nail grow forward. Did you know that the nail grows faster on the hand that you often use, because of the blood flows to this hand more.

Why do nails grow slowly ?

Cleaning your hands frequently with soap or wet wipes. Using dish washing liquid or toilet cleansers can cause corneal damage in the nail, making nails soft, weak and easily broken. That’s why nails begin to grow slowly. The main reason your nails don’t grow as fast as you want is because you eat unhealthy foods and products that are low in vitamin C, folic acid, iron and calcium.

One of the causes that can lead to hormonal imbalance. The health of your nails depends on you mood. Don’t be nervous, because stress will not provide the nutrients to all your organs especially fingernails.

Biting nails can be harmful to your nails. Biting nails is the habit of many people have when they are anxious about something. it can cause skin infections on the hands and mouth. To stop biting nails you should follow a few steps. Polish your nails with a nice bright colour. Chew gum when you are anxious.It is very hard getting rid of nail-biting habits. You should talk to a therapist to help you deal with nail-biting habits.

How to stop biting your nails?

Get a manicure

The only way that would help you to quit bad habit is by getting a manicure. Manicures are expensive, so it will be harder for you to ruin your perfect nails. The problem is that manicures don’t last forever. So it will cost you a lot to stop biting nails. But some people quicker break habit by knowing how much money they will have to spend.

Keep your nails short

In order to stop biting nails try to keep them short. If your nails aren’t long enough, you’ll be less likely to bite them. It can really help you cut this habit out of your life. Carry your scissors with you so you aren’t tempted to grow them out.

Apply bitter polish

There are different polishes specifically made to help you stop biting your nails.Β There are many polishes you can choose from. You can apply on top of your nail or polish. it is absolutely disgusting if you touch it to your mouth

Gel and acrilyc manicures are bad for your nails

In order to have beautiful nails you must wear acrylic and gel nails only on special occasions. Removing acrylic or gel nails causes the nails to dry, brittle and difficult to grow. Removing false nails can hurt the nails. If you want to wear false nails, you should do interlacing. This helps to reduce nail damage.

Use primer before polishing your nail

When you’re polishing your nails, you should always primer polish by skipping the nail primer polish can damage the nails. Primer polish keeps the nail polish firmly attached to the nail so that the nail is less likely to peel.

Awful habit that damages your nails

Everyone uses their nails to peel the label on the box, removing something or trying to open a lid is very easy to hurt the nail. If you want your nails to grow faster and healthier, you should stop yourself from doing it.

How to grow long nails in a week

Eat products that contain vitamin H. This vitamin promotes growth and strength of not only nails, but skin and hair too. Food that contain these vitamins are avocado, banana and mushrooms. Vitamin A also helps strengthen the health of the nails. Thy are sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins.

Once a week, you should file nails. Nail oval shape makes nails stronger. Don’t make square nails as they become very easy to break. After each procedure apply a thick moisturizer containing oil or nourishing cream, on the nail and cuticle every day. Regular moisturizing helps keep the nails from cracking, peeling and brittle.

Many of you think that washing your hands helps your nails grow faster. In order for the nails to grow faster, you should dry your hands immediately after washing. Do not let your hands dry naturally. If the hands are dried naturally, the nails become very soft and weak, so they are very easy to break and brittle. Follow this tips and you will see a big change in a few weeks.

Will my nail bed grow back after biting?

Everyone wonders if their nail bed will look the same. The nail bed is the layer of skin beneath your nails that supports and secures the nail into place on your finger. And if start to bite your nails constantly, the nail will separate from its nail bed. Which makes your nails look shorter even if they grow. Men don’t care that much as women do. But don’t worry, because if you stop biting your nails for a long period of time, your nail will attach to its nail bed. It will take approximately two years for your nail bed to grow back.

Having longer, healthier fingernails can improve the appearance of the hands. However, they do not only provide cosmetic benefits, but they can also make it easier to perform a variety of daily tasks. In addition, they protect the fingers, add grip when holding objects, and are a convenient way to scratch an itch.

Fingernails grow an average of around 3.47 millimeters (mm) per month, according to a 2010

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