7 Common Online Shopping Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Online shopping became very popular today. However, while the ability to buy anything you want from your own home can turn out a big fail. Online shopping has made the global market closer than ever, and now you can buy all the items you want without even having to move a step, sitting comfortable in the sofa in you. Follow these steps and you will be shopping with ease.

When we are looking to buy something online and we finally find it, never click β€œbuy” before carefully reading the information.

Online shopping definitely has a lot of advantages, that have made our lives better, but, we should admit, that there are also a lot of troubles that you can face with while shopping online.

1. Personal information

Before buying something, you must give them your information. If you are saving your personal information for future purchases, be aware that you put your personal account at risk. Your name, surname or your credit card. Is better not to save your credit card to an account. It is much easier because it requires only a few clicks to buy. It saves your time, however it is dangerous and can cost you a lot more.

You can open an account with your username and password, but you should never save credit card information on a retail website, no matter how secure and popular it may seem.

2. Public wi-fi

Never shop online while connected to public WiFi. It is the easiest way for a hacker to hack into your account. Public WiFi connections are not password protected. Don’t click on links in social media sites, even if they look like are from trustworthy retailers, because they may take you to sites that are trying to collect information for identity theft.

3. Comparing prices

There are many websites that sell same things for different prices. Google Shopping is one of the best available services for comparison shopping. It instantly checks prices at a number of online retailers. It helps you to make decision and of course saves your time.

When shopping online you should always pay attention to ratings, shipping prices, and return policies.

4. Coupon codes

If you want to save money always check for coupon codes. There are online retailers that advertise coupon codes at the top of their webpages. But there are stores that compile searchable lists of coupon codes that can easily be copied and pasted during the checkout process for extra savings. For example, if you’re buying a new tv, refrigerator or earphones, just search for β€œname of the store coupon codes”.

5. Shipping

Never ignore shipping when shopping online. Because you will be spending a lot more than you think. When you search for items online, make sure you filter results based on price plus shipping to see if you have enough money to pay.

6. Read and check

Never make the mistake to buy something instantly. Read all the details that describe a product. There are so many times when people receive products that don’t match their expectations just because they haven’t read well the details before making an order.

7. People’s review

One of the main disadvantage of buying online is that you can’t touch it, and you can’t see the visible qualities it has. That is why you should read other costumer’s reviews of the product, because people do share their experiences with some products they have bought on the Internet. So, if you are buying something online, always read reviews of costumers that have already bought the product.

Now that you know everything about these common online shopping mistakes, be smart and very careful. You will avoid troubles and save money.

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