How perfume is made

There’s something very special about perfume. It is the only thing we wear that is invisible, its smell is unique on everyone, and most of us have very little understanding of the ingredients.

How perfume is made

Fragrance have been created by using leaves, spices, herbs, flowers and fruits. But some plants do not secrete oils naturally, that are used in perfumes. So synthetic chemicals must be used in order to create these fragrances. Chemist can’t extract the scent of apricot or coconut naturally, and that’s when synthetic ingredients take over the natural ones.” Alcohol and water are often used in order to strengthen or soften the smell of the perfume. This is why some perfumes are stronger than others.

Processing the Ingredients

All ingredients are brought to a manufacturing center for processing. The process consists of extracting oils from plants. Extracting these oils and substances is done by using specific methods such as steam distillation, solvent extraction and expression.

After that procedure, scents are blended together in order to create a perfume. After the fragrances are blended, alcohol is added to this mixture, to create a perfume, cologne, toilet water or a perfume.

The more natural oils contained in the cologne or perfume, the more expensive it is. There are, however, artificial or synthetic materials that are used these days.

Completely natural perfume is pure essential oils. These are obtained from raw fruits, flowers, herbs, leaves, seeds, roots and woods through water or steam distillation. Nothing else is added to them.

On how long will the scent last depends on particular oils molecular structure, even when fixatives are used. Sometimes one fragrance might only last for two hours, others could still last days after an application.

What is the difference between perfume, eau de perfum and cologne?

Perfume has varying levels of perfume oil concentration. Depending on oil concentrations perfume has different names. For example, parfum consists of at least 30% perfume oil. Eau de parfum contains 15% perfume oil, while eau de toilette contains 10% perfume oil. Eau de cologne and other body sprays usually contain less than 10% perfume oil. There also are deodorant but they are not so healthy as you think.

What are synthetic perfumes made of?

Synthetic ingredients are also great because they offer such scents when natural ones can’t. The majority of the artificial compounds belong to a family of chemicals known as petrochemicals. These are obtained from petroleum and natural gas.

Petrochemicals are very dangerous, have been linked to many allergic reactions, such as eczema and asthma attacks. They have also been shown to cause disruptions in hormone production and suppress the immune system. They are also known as carcinogen. A carcinogen is a substance that is directly involved in the formation of cancerous cells.

Which perfumes last longer

Did you know that synthetic fragrances last a lot longer than pure perfumes. Some of the best perfumes are aged in order to create stronger scents. It can take up to a year for the desired fragrance to be achieved. Upon reaching the desired smell, the perfume is packaged and then shipped to stores.

The true revealed: why some are very expensive and some of them are not

There are a few factors that drive up the price of fragrance and unfortunately a lot of those reasons are not ingredients. Mostly money goes towards inefficient marketing campaigns, fashion designers, famous people, advertisement and luxurious package.

Our bodies are so unique that they can change the scent of a fragrance from person to person. A person’s unique body chemistry affects how a fragrance smells. Everyone wonders, how is that possible? People have varying pH levels. That is one of the reasons why a fragrance smell differently on you and your friend or relative. What you eat, your body temperature, and the environment you’re in, also a reason on how a fragrance smells.”

Many people are confused when trying new scents. It happens because is they smell it on a piece of paper at store, but when they take it home, it smells differently. We obviously are not made of paper, so a fragrance will always smell differently on you, and differently over time, than in a few minutes on a paper strip at the mall.

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