How To Get More Followers On Instagram

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Whether you’re an individual influencer or a business, we’ll show you how to get more followers on Instagram.

Therefore, building relationships and keeping your audience engaged is the most important thing to focus on.

Post frequently

Try to post every single day to gain a massive following on Instagram.

People are engage on accounts that are constantly updated. The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get.

According to the study, profiles that post seven or more times a week get more likes and gain more followers faster than those that post less frequently.

Not sure what to post on Instagram today, or can’t think of what to post for the week ahead. Then follow these tips:

Your favorite holidays


Next time you are travelling somewhere take your camera with you. Take photos of nature, flowers, birds and of course of yourself.

Remember always to smile when taking a picture. Smile is the key if you want to get more likes.

Share a series of snaps of your most inspiring place to visit. These kinds of photos make people happy.

What’s in your room

Arranged a view of what’s in your room. People want to follow somebody who is open to then.

Showings your room would reveal your personality, your tastes your must-haves and your life in general.

Your everyday routine

Self-care is very important in our healthy life. When they see others making time for themselves they’ll feel empowered to follow your example.

Show them how you take care of yourself, what creams and cosmetics you have. Show them what is in your wardrobe.



When you don’t know what to post on Instagram. Flowers are known to freshen up any feed.

Try to pose with a flower, or make a bouquet of flowers, or you can take a close up picture.

Play with nail color, and accessories, slow your creative. Make each photo interesting and different.

What’s on my plate

Foods aren’t just delicious to eat, they’re also delicious to look at, especially if you take a photo of it like a pro!

Great styling, composition, and lighting is the key to to engage audience.

If you can manage to style food. Then go ahead and give it a try. Take pictures from different sides and angles.

Try live videos and stories to get followers on Instagram

Instagram has features like videos, live videos, and Stories. You can create many different types of content to engage followers and grow your audience.

In a stories or videos you can tell about your plans, answer to their questions, show your talents, share something you have learned recently.

The average engagement for videos is growing faster than the average engagement for photos.

Share something that’s challenging you at the moment or a struggle you’ve faced recently. You never know who might be going through something similar.

Being honest will help you foster stronger connections with your community. 

Study and use quality hashtags


Hashtags are very important on Instagram. The right hashtags can expose your image to the large and targeted audience.

Instagram posts hashtags get the highest average engagement.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post. In order not to look spammy. Use 10 hashtags per post.

You can hide those 30 hashtags, so they can’t look spammy!

Make them invisible by preceding them with five dashes or periods, each one on a line by itself.

Don’t leave space between periods. can’t add working hashtags by commenting on any other account than the one you’re signed into.

The most popular hashtags on Instagram on 2020

Hashtags help your target audience find you by your posts.

These audiences are more likely to engage with your post because your post is exactly what they wanted.

Here you have the most popular hashtags in 2020:

  • #picoftheday
  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #instamood
  • #me
  • #instadaily
  • #instacool
  • #foodporn
  • #motivation
  • #photooftheday

Engage your fans

Try to engage your followers by liking or replying to their comments to your posts.

Followers took the effort to check out your posts and commenting on them. Your task is to continue the conversation.

That way your followers will be constantly checking your page.

Just remember that there are many fake followers ,but you can remove them. Fake followers never engage to your account, never like or comment on your page.



Posts about giveaways are very popular for increasing audience on Instagram and gaining new followers.

You could invite your followers to comment with their favorite emojis or tag a friend to enter the contest.

With the help of either the algorithm or your followers, you could reach many people who might not have heard of you before.

And if they like the posts on your profile, they will follow you. So, how do you promote your giveaways?

How to run a successful Instagram contest or giveaway

Ask your followers to like your giveaway and share it with their friends.

This way, you can easily expand your audience. You don’t need many people to repost your giveaway post.

Only just ten people reposting your giveaway will be enaugh to increase your account visibility.

Remember always to announce your giveaway before it starts.

Ask your followers to tag one or several of their friends in the comments so that they could start following your Instagram page, too.

This type of giveaway will help you get lots of new followers and significantly increase your account visibility in a very quickly time.

Everyone loves free stuff. There’s something in our psychology that triggers an emotional response when we get something for nothing.

Instagram accounts that hold a contest or giveaway grow 85% faster than those that don’t run any contests at all.

Running a contest not only helps you get more followers on Instagram but builds stronger relationships with your existing audience.

When you give something away, followers will be more engaged to your account.

Determine What You Want Out of Your Giveaways

Before running your giveaway, you should know exactly what you want to achieve once the giveaway is complete.

The goal you choose will impact every other decision you make, including your prize, the content you create, and how you promote your giveaway to your followers.

10 Like and share the posts during a certain period of time

This Instagram giveaway idea is for those people who are ready to work hard and have great results.

To make your followers eligible to win the prize, you can ask them to like and share all your posts during a week or a month, for example.

Of course, it’ll be difficult for you to monitor all the changes and create a great amount of Instagram posts which will maintain your followers’ interest.

But this will have a very positive impact on your business.

The participants will regularly visit your page to check if there is something new.

So, a constant flow of traffic will be brought to your Instagram page. That way you’ll reach a huge number of followers.

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