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In this post you will find out how to remove followers from Instagram fast. There are many reasons people want to delete followers from their accounts.

The most important thing is not the quantity of the followers but their engagement.

Instagram has the option to remove followers, but if you have a private account. If your account is public or business accounts then there no such possibility.

Don’t worry there are a few tricks that will remove real and fake followers on Instagram.

You can remove followers in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device, but you won’t be able to do it from a computer.

Here’s how to remove an unwanted Instagram follower without blocking them.Β 

How to remove followers on the Instagram mobile app

1. Login into your Instagram account

2. Tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the app screen.

3. Press on your number of followers. 

4. Tap the three dots next to the follower you want to remove

5. Tap the word “Remove” on the pop-up screen.

If I remove a followers, will they know?

Instagram won’t notify your followers that you’ve removed them. They will just stop seeing your posts and your daily stories in their feed.

You can alsoΒ blockΒ someone, if you don’t want them to follow you again.

How to spot a fake Instagram account?

  • No profile photo or a generic and low-quality photo.
  • No posts on the account. If there are posts, they will be low quality and not recent. 
  • No followers of their own
  • A username that consists of random numbers and letters.
  • A generic bio or no bio at all.
  • The user is following thousands of people but doesn’t have many followers.
  • Their account appears to have been inactive for a long time.

And finally if you have business or public account, you can still remove them. Just switch your account back to private.

Remove followers and switch back to business or public account. Just remember if you switch business to private account you will lose your insights.

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