Samsung’s Sero TV Can Rotate Vertically For Your TikTok And Instagram Videos

Rotating tv

Samsung has released “The Sero,” a 43-inchΒ quantum-dotΒ QLED TV. The company has designed a TV for such a use case, called the SeroΒ  (meaning ‘vertical’ in Korean).

The 43-inch 4K display was initially released in Korea and is now bringing to several global markets.

The most interesting thing is that it can be flipped around 90 degrees, letting you watch Instagram, TikTok and other videos in their native vertical configurations.

Samsung is the first company that h ave created a TV that flips so people can watch vertical videos.

The TV automatically switches screen orientation when connected to a Galaxy device or by pairing it over NFC.

In horizontal mode, it works as a regular TV and has 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The 4K television also has 4.1 channel, 60-watt speakers and a microphone-enabled remote.

The Sero originally launched in Korea with a price tag of 1.9 million won (~ $1,600) but Samsung is yet to announce what it’ll cost for global markets.

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