Top 10 Favourite TV Shows That Are Totally Fake

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There are so many tv shows we like to watch but sometimes we wonder is it real or fake? Well, take a look atvthe top 10 Favourite Tv Shows That Are Totally Fake. At the end we reveal the true about the tv show that everyone loved to watch and thought it was real.

10 The Bachelor

 Bachelor is a reality television show that dates back to March 25, 2002. It is filmed in beautiful Agoura Hills, California. The mantion belongs to an actual family who rents their home to the producers twice a year, when they move everything out for the show . The family, stays in a hotel during that time.

 It turns out living in that mansion is not so easy as it seems. The contestants must do their own cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. They don’t even have stylists to do them a makeup. β€œWe have to do our own cooking, our own laundry… We do everything you would do when you’re at home, except be able to go outside of your home.” – Former contestant Leslie Hughes (The Daily Beast). Ladies are inside the mansion the whole time unless they are brought outside on a date. It takes two months for the show to be filmed and the producers live with them.

The contestants are chosen based on their personalities, compability with the Bachelor is not important. Producers encourage behaviors that create drama and tensions between contestants.

What is like to be a contestant

The contestants must provide their own outfits. The only women who get clothing are the two finalists, who each get a dress provided by the network for the finale episode. They must bring a variety of outfits for various climates, from icy winter to tropical beachwear.

When contestants sit down over elegant dinners for some one-on-one time, they’re not allowed to touch that food. One contestant told that the producers send food to their hotel rooms. They ate in their rooms and then went out for dinner. The Bachelor is the one making decisions about who gets the roses. However, girls who create drama on the first night are heavily suggested to the Bachelor to get a rose.

9. Judge Judy

The program has won three awards. The show is not a court because it is illegal to record actual court cases on video.

Judge Judy is actually a retired judge, and the cases that are on the show are real cases, gleaned from real Justice Of The Peace courts around the nation.

The producers send scouts to various Justice Of The Peace offices around the nation to look for Small Claims cases that might make an interesting segment. When they find one, the scout contacts the parties, who sign a β€œBinding Arbitration Agreement”, which is a contract whereby they agree to accept Judge Judy’s decision, as an out-of-court settlement.

Both the plaintiff and defendant are paid $5000 to appear on the show. If Judy rules in favor of the plaintiff, the amount is subtracted from the defendant’s payment.

8. What not to wear

I was on What not to Wear – AMA. πŸ™‚ I will say the hours were really long and they don’t make you throw everything away. Also Clinton Kelly was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Went above and beyond to help me get clothes that worked, even staying on off camera at the 15th hour of a day to get the right pants. Stacy was nice too.

The weirdest things were the up close re-shoots. if you pointed at anything while being filmed, they’d come in afterward and do an up close of your hand doing the motion. We learned towards the end to just stop pointing.

At the end of the program the audience of people who were there to react when she came out from behind the curtain with her new look. She came out over and over again, but our cheering was never enthusiastic enough for the producers. After about 10 takes, we were screaming our heads off as if we’d just seen her rise from the dead. That part was fake. I thought she just looked alright

7. America’s got talent

“I had a friend who participated in America’s got talent. She said the producers told her what songs to sing and they had a winner picked out weeks before the final episode. They kicked her off for singing a song out of her country genre, but she said she was forced to sing it. They also made up a fake backstory for her to try to give her a sob story.”

6. Top Chief

The Food Is Cold Before It Gets to the ‘Top Chef’ Judges”. In the very first episode of Top Chef, they ever filmed, Tom Colicchio flipped out because the dishes the contestants had cooked were getting cold while the film crew took photos of them. From then on, all the contestants have to prepare two dishes. One for the judges to sample, and one for the cameras to take photos and show the audience.

5. American Idol

The bad American Idol auditions were always entertaining. But were those auditions real?

Well, those contestants who think they can sing are not actors hired by the show. However, they didn’t get their place in front of the judges by accident. Producers purposely choose some of the worst singers to perform in front of judges because it makes for rating.

4. America’s Next Top Model

“My boss was on America’s Next Top Model as a guest judge. In the episode, one of the models sprained her ankle. He was nice and all concerned, but they edited in a shot of him laughing, that was actually laughing at someone’s joke from earlier. The filming session for that scene was 10 hours long. They edited it down to about 5 minutes. With that much footage, you can edit it into just about anything you want.”

3. House Hunters

I was on an episode House Hunters. it’s reality television, so it’s pretty made up and scripted. They try to make the show like a ‘recreation’ of you buying a home.

In reality, the houses you see you aren’t even considering for purchase, as you have already purchased the house you ‘buy’ at the end of the show.

They play off your personality, so when you are ‘considering’ the other homes, and even when talking about your own home on camera, you have to say things like “oh I really like the fact that it has a pool”… then the director will say CUT, and he will give you direction to say something like “uhh… I just HATE pools, they are so much maintenance”.

They want positive and negative about every little thing, so that the production studios back in NYC can piece together whatever story is most compelling. Took about 1.5 weeks to film a 22 minute episode.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

 According to The Mirror, the home seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn’t their real home. Exterior shots of the house are filmed elsewhere for β€œsecurity purposes.”

Major events in their life, like proposals, are often scripted and planned so that they’re perfect for the camera. In fact, producer Russel Jay claimed that Kris Humphries proposal to Kim Kardashian had to be redone because she wasn’t happy with how she looked.

1. Hell Is Kitchen

Well, the truth is, they aren’t all that bad. Former contestant Tek Moore admitted that producers have a lot to do with those dishes being messed up as they mix up ingredients, like swapping out something salt with sugar, adding pepper to make it ltasteless

We all remember our favourite MTV show Cribs. It was very popular. It turns out that it is also fake. Celebrities would show off their insane homes and luxurious life. Running for 13-years, many recognizable celebrities were featured, showing off not just their houses, but also their jewelry, closets, cars and more.

However, MTV was exposed when a woman named Janette Verla sued the channel for featuring her leased house as rapper Ja Rule’s crib.

Ja Rule’s “house” on Cribs was actually a four-day rental. After he shot his episode he threw a huge party there, and the real homeowner ended up suing him. Pop singer Jojo admitted to use her uncle’s house because she didn’t have home. She lived with her mother in the hotel at that time. 50 Cent showed off an extensive collection of luxury cars in his episode, which turned out to be rentals.

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