Top 10 Incredible Hyperrealistic Drawings You Won’t Believe They Are Real.

red bull Hyperrealistic Drawings

Marcello Barenghi is an illustrator and graphic designer. He draws incredibly Hyperrealistic drawings that are hard to believe they are real. He is living in Milan (Italy). He has an amazing skill at taking everyday objects and turning them into incredible art.

Marcello Barenghi was born in 1960. At the age of two he draw his first drawing. Luckily his parents have saved the drawing. It was a plane. the age of 9, he attempted to replicate Leonardo’s Mona Lisa.

Drawing of a plane

 Marcello Barenghi’s art often portrays common and everyday objects like cans, candy, and comic characters, the level of realism in his work is far from ordinary. Marcello Barenghi discovered his passion for colored pencils when he was in school. He would often draw his favorite comic characters and cartoons.

Barenghi was working at Blockbuster for 15 years prior to revisiting his passion for art. But then he lost his job in 2013. So he decided to open his own YouTube channel.

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10. It took him 4 hours to draw a glass

Drawing Glass Marcello Barenghi 2020
Drawing Glass Marcello Barenghi 2020

9. Very hard to distinguish which popcorn is real? It took him 6 hours and 10 minutes.

Drawing Steps – Popcorn by Marcello Barenghi

8. It looks so juicy. It took him 5 hours and 10 minutes.

watermelon art – hyperrealistic drawing by Marcello Barenghi – 3d art
watermelon art – hyperrealistic drawing – step by step – Marcello Barenghi

7. Can you tell the difference? It took him 4 hours and 50 minutes.

3d art – hyperrealistic drawing of a hot dog by Marcello Barenghi

6. Fried eggs is so realistic. Itis unbelievable. It took him 4 and a half hours.

Hyperrealistic drawing fried egg by Marcello Barenghi
Drawing Fried Egg – Step by Step by Marcello Barenghi

5. Magnetic cubes. Are they real?

Drawing Magnetic Cubes Marcello Barenghi
Drawing step by step magnetic cubes Marcello Barenghi

4. A glass of wine.It took him 3 hours

Drawing Glass of Wine
Drawing Glass of Wine

3. Just take a look at this chocolate bar Twix. This is just an incredible talant

Drawing step by step chocolate bar twix Marcello Barenghi

2. Just take a look at this beautiful jewellery, it looks marvelous.

Drawing jewellery earrings, lace, ring, Marcello Barenghi

1. And finally, if someone told that it is a drawing, would you believe?

Drawing Teapot Step by Step by Marcello Barenghi
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