Top 10 Most Beautiful but Strange Flowers


Flowers are often synonymous with the beauty. We gift flowers to our loved ones to make them feel delighted but some flowers are strange. Yes, that’s the magic of godly nature. We have collected some of the really beautiful but highly weird flowers from the different parts of the world.

10. Powder Puff Flower

Powderpuff is a big and fast-growing shrub that attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees with its puffs of bright blossoms. Buds look like little berry clusters burst open into fuzzy puffball blossoms. Red is the most commonly available flower color, though there are also varieties with white or pink blooms. This shrub is also available in a single-trunk tree, or you can snip off bottom shoots to grow your own as a multi-trunk tree.

9. Happy alien calceolaria uniflora

When photographed at just the right angle, these slipper-shaped blooms look like the face of an alien wearing beats headphones and holding an empty white tray as a peace offering. They come from Central and South America in the areas where sun and water aren’t so abundant.

8. Spider Iris

The Starfish Iris – looks like it craw fishled out of the sea!  Some people say it looks like spider. This marvelous flower comes from South Africa. The Starfish Iris has a deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla!  

7. Nepenthes Rajah

Nepenthes rajah is the largest of the pitcher plants. The plant traps much larger organisms in its urn-shaped cavity. Rats, frogs, lizards, and birds have all been found in the rajah’s sticky grasp.

6. Psychotria Elata

These lips belong to a plant with the scientific name Psychotria Elata. The red lips you see on the Hooker’s lips isn’t the flower itself but just the kissable bracts that remain only for a short span of time until it reveals the plant’s white flowers that’ll emerge from its center. Its fruits are oval berries that turn blue or black when mature. It also acts as a host plant for the golden silkmoth.

5. Puya Alpestri

 It is native to high barren slopes in the Andes of southern Chile and Argentina. This plant forms a 2-3 foot tall clump to rosettes of recurving, spiny-margined, light green leaves that are silver-gray beneath. The leaves about 1 inch wide at their base and narrowing along the 18-24 inches in length. In spring, but often not every year, appear turquoise blue-green flowers.

4. Kalanchoe


 Each one of those leaflets will fall off and start growing their own plant. Kalanchoes are native to arid areas. Modern hybrids are valued for their interesting leaf-forms or for their flowers.

3. Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower, a Thailand native, is classified as endangered and therefore not allowed to leave the country. t looks just like a parrot. When images of this flower first began to circulate across the Internet they were dismissed as being β€œdigitally manipulated” or Photoshopped because very few people had actually seen one since they are so extremely rare in the wild.

2. Passion Flower

The flower is used as a remedy. They are very sweet, delicious. That’s why they are called Passion flower.

All species of passionflower vines vary in appearance in small ways. But they do share one common thing, their large, elaborate, and intricate flowers, some of which grow to be several inches in diameter.

1 Flying Duck Orchid

Native to the Australian wilderness, flying duck orchid plants or Caleana, are amazing orchids that produce distinctive duck-like blooms. The red, purple and green blooms, which appear in late spring and early summer, are tiny, measuring only Β½ to ΒΎ inches in length.

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