Top 10 Most Fantastic Buildings You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

10.The Lotus Building

The Lotus Building is located in the center of the Wujin District in the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu. It was designed by Australian architecture firm studio 505 and was completed in 2013.

Inside the structure there are cathedral-like ceilings, conference rooms, exhibition halls, and offices. A lighting system illuminates the building in multicolored lights at night for a most dramatic effect.

9. Conch Shell House

This house is also called “Isla Mujeres”. It is the most beautiful and outstanding building. The windows give you a 180 degree view of the Caribbean Ocean and the interior of the house is shell themed with parts made from coral and recycled shells.

9. The National Stadium

This world-famous stadium, also know as the β€œBird’s Nest”, was the venue for the 2008 Olympics and is the world’s largest steel structure. 

8. Waldspirale

The meaning of the name is β€œforest spiral” in German, which refers to the spiraling floor plan and the forested roof with a courtyard. The landscaped courtyard, around which the structure spirals, has its own running stream. This is the first building that is made of recycled concrete in Germany.

7. The Basket Building

The construction workers and the architects needed two years to complete the project. The construction of the new bureaux has cost about 30 million dollars. Today, the impressive building, whose surface is 18,000 square feet, is home to the comfortable and modern offices with first-class equipment.

6. Cubic Houses

It looks like the whole world has turned upside-down. The houses were constructed by the architect Piet Blom, and all the walls and windows are angled at 45 degrees. The houses are divided into three levels from the inside and can be accessed by a narrow staircase.

5. Wonderworks

This inverted building is completely upside down. Even palm trees are upside down. The house was originally built in 1998 and has had many different sites built over time across the US

4. Habitat 67

This is a housing complex comprising of 354 identical concrete forms, which reach up to 12 stories in height. The units create a total of 146 residences of varying sizes and configurations made from connecting one to eight blocks.

3. Kansas City Public Library

The most amazing feature of this building is the parking garage with a facade made to look like a row of books lined up on a shelf. Each of the books is 25 feet high and 9 feet wide.

2. The Atomium

The Atomium is a landmark building in Brussels. Everyone who see the building might think it is just a huge sculpture made of metal. However, it is a fully featured building. By following the tubes, one can move between the spheres and reach a science museum or a restaurant.

1. Rotating Tower

This is the world’s first constantly moving building, it will never look the same again because each floor rotates separately to adjust to the sun, wind, weather and views. This bizarre and unusual building is in constant motion.

Media artist, Victor Enrich from Barcelona creates unbelievable buildings from existing architecture.Thanks to his imagination and the magic of computer-aided photographic manipulation, skyscrapers and other buildings appear to bend, twist, and turn inside out.

It is amazing what people are capable to create. I wish I could see The Lotus House and which building would you like to see?

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