Top 10 Pics That Prove Dogs Have Cooler Hairstyle Than You

Dogs Hairstyle
Dogs Hairstyle

Keeping that coat fresh and trimmed is an essential part of dog grooming. Short haired and medium haired dogs require regular maintenance in this department. Whereas long haired dogs need more frequent brushing, but can get away with getting a haircut less often. Most groomers recommend a trim in the summer to keep them cool, and skipping it in the winter when they need their fur to protect them against the cold. Hairstyles make dogs look very stylish.

Many dog owners feel sorry for their long-haired dogs because of the summer heat. Some believe that, as long as animals are given shade, plenty of water, and not too much exercise in the heat, they will be just fine. In fact, their coats may insulate them against the heat and protect them from sunburn.

When you should start to groom your dog

You should start grooming your puppy when at 12 month old. A dog’s first experience being groomed will effect their attitude towards grooming their whole life, so do your best to make it a calm, pleasant experience.

What about dog haircuts in the winter? Some dog owners worry this leaves their dogs more exposed to harsh winter elements. A dog’s hair traps air and helps insulate her from the cold, so the only real reason to give your dog a winter haircut is if she has mats that can’t be combed out.

Whether you’re grooming your dog on your own or taking him to a professional groomer, remember the importance of proper brushing and combing. Dog grooming spreads skin oils throughout the coat, resulting in fewer tangles and mats, which can be painful and can injure the skin

Whatever kind of cut you decide on, the most important thing is that your dog feels comfortable. Take a look at the most adorable dog’s hairstyle. It looks like these dogs take better hair care than most humans do










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