Top 10 Terrifying Or Oddly Satisfying Pics Of Peeled Fruits

Fruits look very differently when they are completely peeled. Check our top 10 list of peeled fruits. Some peeled fruits will make you more hungry or ruin your appetite. Don’t forget to comment which is your favorite!

10. Completely peeled tangerine is awesome

Β© c4gam1ng / Reddit

9. Peeled strawberry doesn’t look like strawberry at all

Peeled strawberry

8. Juicy peach looks so delicious without skin


7. This is how pomegranate looks like when is peeled

6. Grapes look more like caviars

5. Tomatoes are so pretty


4. Guess what fruit is that? If you said coconut than you are right

3. I always thought that blueberry is also blue inside

Β© cmastalski / Reddit

2. Lemon is unrecognizable without skin

1. And finally this is how our favorite watermelon looks like when is peeled


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