Most Unique Hotels In The World

Giraffe manor hotel

For those who’ve gotten bored of the standard overnight setup, here are top 10 of the most unique hotels in the world. When you think of the best places to vacation you may imagine cities like Paris or New York. There are a few hotel properties that are even better. You can make unforgettable destinations by visiting unusual hotels. These weird hotels in the world offer great travel experiences on the planet. .

10. Hotel Costa Verde, an Airplane Suite

At first it looks like a Boeing 727, had an crash landing in the jungle. But it’s actually a hotel which offers sights of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

The hotel is situated in Costa Rica. The two-bedroom suite sits in a jungle. It offers breathtaking views. Prices start at $260 per night.

Inside the plane are two bedrooms. Both of which are air-conditioned, and two bathrooms. They have three queen-sized beds.

 Each bedroom has a private bathroom. Wall and floors are made of wood.

9. Santos Express, a Train Hotel

 Santos Express is a train situated on Santos Beach. It is a real train with all cabins facing the sea. The hotel is situated in South Africa. Guests can enjoy the romantic view. Train is situated near the sea.There are double, single and budget units. Accommodation offers spectacular sea views and clean showers. A Compartment comprises four beds and a CoupΓ¨ comprises two beds. Each coach comprises two CoupΓ¨s, five Compartments, a communal shower and two toilets. For those celebrating that special day, they have a Caboose offering private bathroom facilities and a private balcony.

8. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

One of the most unusual places to stay is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The best time to visit is Augustβ€”late April.

The igloos are warm. Temperatures around these parts can get as low as -40F. The igloos are made from a special thermal glass. It keeps the inside temperature stable and the glass from frosting over. There you can ride snowmobiles, canoe in the wilderness, and even a reindeer sled safari!

7. Inntel Zaandam in Amsterdam

This incredible-looking hotel is twelve storeys high. One blue house stands out in the mix. It is a reference to Monet’s painting β€œThe Blue House” completed in Zaandam in 1871. It is located in the newly-revamped Zaandam district in Amsterdam. The area is a well known for tourists. It is famous for its windmills and quiet streets. It is one of the most unique hotels in the world. The historic streets and waterways are being restored to bring back some of the old style. Your room is decorated in the modern way but with traditional accents and vintage photographs. Some have a rain shower and whirlpool tub.


6. Nimb Hotel on Denmark

The Nimb hotel is located in Copenhagen’s famous Tivolu Gardens. It is the second oldest amusement park in the world. Inside the hotel there are signature art pieces. They have been infused with an original design concept. The hotel contains modern with antique features. Rooms have a four-poster bed, open fire, and is filled with antiques. Bathrooms have a freestanding bathtub. The banquet hall serves as a bar and tea room.


5. Rotel

Rotel is a hotel on wheels. Travelers can choose to visit various locations all over the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, North America, Central America, and South America

 Rotel Tours has 24 seats and 26 capsule-sized sleeping areas for trip participants. Each bed measures six feet long. The ceilings are just three feet high.  There is a large kitchen on board and toilet. But there is no shower. Each room includes a window that can be opened, a curtain, a mosquito net, interior lighting and a cargo net. Bedding and linens are provided by the tour company. Luggage is stored under the bus. Travelers are recommended to carry a separate 3-day travel bag with them because luggage can only be accessed every three days.


4. Burj Al Arab

The huge futuristic complex is the fanciest hotel in the whole world.Β  Out of a 5-star scale, the Burj al Arab often calls itself aΒ 7-star property. YouΒ can get here by Rolls Royce taxi. Even getting flown in by helicopter.

The rooms are beyond amazing, with a blend of modern and 19th-century palace elements. They even have a menu to order the specific pillow you wish to use.  You can take a mini-submarine down to their underwater restaurant. Go to the roof for a round of tennis at the World’s highest court sitting a ledge 900 feet above the ocean.


4. Udaivilas Palace

This hotel was truly made by a King.  In 1567, King Udai Singh II started building his palace after he became the 53rd ruler of the Mewar Dynasty.  Over the next 150 years, the palace grew into a vast royal estate. It contains 4 major buildings and tons of smaller ones creating a fortress-like facade. Many people say it is one of the most unusual and unique hotels in the world. The villas have cascading terraces, and semi-private pools.


3. Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

The InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa is a floating oasis in the South Pacific. It features all spacious overwater villas. 

Many resorts in the area sit in shallow waters facing the open ocean. The Thalasso is in a protected cove of sandbar strands. This not only helps the water stay a perfect turquoise color. It also ensures the waters remain calm. This blue lagoon, with white sand beaches and neighboring peaks that became famous in the Adam Sandler movie Couples Retreat.


2. Conrad Maldive Resort

Conrad’s a luxe suite submerged more than 16 feet underwater. The two-level structure has an above-water living area. There is a main bedroom with acrylic walls. It also provides panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. 


1. Giraffe manor

If you really want to stay in one of the most unique hotels in the world,then you must visit Giraffe manor.

Hotel is an exclusive boutique hotel, set in 12 acres of private land. It is situated within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. There are elegant interior, verdant green gardens, sunny terraces and delightful courtyards. Guests often remark that it’s like walking into the film Out of Africa. However, the most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is its herd of resident Rothschild giraffe. They may visit morning and evening, sometimes poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat.

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