Top 10 Worst Neighbours Ever

Everyone has neighbours. Some are lucky and some don’t. Each neighbour is unique and special. Check our Top 10 Worst Neighbours Ever. Write in a comment what kind of neighbour do you have? Do you consider yourself a good or a bad neighbour?

10.This neigbour definitely loves his country

Weird neighbours

9. This neighbour wants to save time but can you imagine the noise it makes

Noisy neighbours

8. Everytime I look through my window I see this

7. Everytime I want to look at my neighbour’s house

Worst neighbours in the world

6. My neighbours decided to save money on fence

Worst neighbours ever

5. My neighbour iscollecting sculptures in hos yard

Worst neighbours ever

4. Being neighbours doesn’t mean being friends

Worst neighbours ever

3. Everyone had this kind of neighbour

Worst neighbours ever

2. No words needed here just look at the picture

Worst neighbours ever

1. It was a big surprise when I looked through my window

Worst neighbours ever

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