Top 12 Dog’s Haircuts Went Wrong

We all need a haircut once in a while. Dogs are not exception, but sometimes it goes not as we expected it to be. Check the most horrible but hilarious dog’s haircut.

12. We all know Sponge Bob square pants but do we know the Dog Square Head?

11. What if all dogs were just a circle?

10. The cool dog who is not embarrassed of his haircut

9. This dog looks more like human

8. Some people must ve envious of his haircut

7. They look like my grandparents

6. A dog that with any haircut will always look pretty

5. This dog is so stylish with his new haircut

4. I have a new hairdo

3. What have they done to you?

2. I just had a haircut for my passport photo

1 What would you do if you were alone at night and this dog would run to you?

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