Why You Shouldn’t Clean Wax From Your Ears

Cleaning wax war

Ear wax is an ear-cleaning solution that’s made specifically by your ears to keep your ears clean. So just let it do its job. It traps dust and dirt and prevents it from getting deeper into your ear. When we talk, chew and yawn, ear wax moves out of the ear canal where you can easily wipe it out.

The ear is actually self-cleaning and for majority of people ear canals do not need to be cleaned. Wax is not formed in the deep part of the ear canal, but the outer part of the canal near the external opening. If left alone, old earwax naturally migrates out. Inserting sharp or pointed objects into ear will only push wax further into the canal and may even cause trauma to the canal or even eardrum. So let the nature take care of you ears.

What will happen if I clean my ears

If you try to dig out the ear wax with a fingernail, swab, pencil, chopstick or other pointy foreign object, you’re actually reversing your ears’ self-cleaning mechanisms by pushing wax further into your ear canal with all the dust and dirt it’s collected. If you keep doing this, that old ear wax can get clogged against your ear drum.

Let ear wax do the job

Ear wax has many special properties that help keep your ears healthy. So what is it made of ? It is made of a mixture of long-chain fatty acids, enzymes, cholesterol, sebum, sloughed off skin that protect your ears from insects. They find the smell of ear wax annoying, so they avoid flying into your ears. They protects ears against bacteria and fungal infections. Moisturizes the ear canal, keeping it soft.

How to clean ears the right way

When taking a shower gently wash around the outside of your ears with a washcloth. Then gently wipe off with a dry towel after shower. Cleaning with swabs is not recommended. Ear wax is important to the health of the outer ear canal. It provides protection, lubrication, and antibacterial properties.

If we clean our ears frequently, the absence of ear wax will result in dry, itchy ears. Keeping our ears β€œclean,” may actually do more harm than good.

if your ears are bothering you or your relatives complain about an earache, feeling of fullness inside the ear or hear loss, you should call your doctor before trying to clean them yourself. But most of the time, is better off leaving them alone. Cleaning ears can cause more harm than good, and might actually be the problem of your ear.

Ear infection

Have you ever had water trapped in your ears after swimming? The natural reaction to dislodge the water is to tilt the head to the side and shake it. There are times that the water can’t be freed, due to the bacterial and fungal organisms in the water. It is the sign of infection known as Swimmer’s Ear. The most common symptoms of an infection include itching inside the ear, pain that gets worse when you tug on the earlobe and there is a sensation of fullness. If you experience any of these symptoms you should see your doctor immediately, to obtain proper treatment.

A great way to prevent water from getting trapped in the ear is to make your own eardrops at home. Mix half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar. This mixture will help evaporate excess water and keep the ears dry.

If you have any concerns about your ear wax, your hearing, ear wax removal, ear cleaning habits or anything else associated with your ears definitely visit a doctor always take care of your ears.

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